Monday, 11 December 2017

Christmas technology challenge

Coming up to Christmas Room 1 was asked to build or make something that would help Santa do his job better this year. Here's what we came up with...

Library Time...

Room 1 loves to spend time in the Library!

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Room 1 - Fabulous Poetry!

Juzmin's Kennings Poem

What am I?


Tolani's Nature Poem

Colourful Creative
Planting, Growing All Fun
Working, Blooming, Creative Some Love

Isabella's Spring Poem

Spring looks like bright and colourful rainbows and flowers
Spring sounds like birds tweeting and singing
Spring smells like beautiful and lovely flowers
Spring tastes like sweet and juicy apples
Spring feels like laying on the really soft grass

Tahya's Kennings Poem

What am I?

Twenty or more

Riki's Spring Poem

Spring looks like: blossoms growing big and beautiful.

Spring sounds like: birds singing and tweeting all day!
Spring smells like: green grass growing high.
Spring tastes like: fresh baked cookies.

Spring feels like: water splashing all over me.

Mereani's Spring Poem

Spring looks like new baby lambs being born and beautiful blossom in the warm meadow,
Spring sounds like tweeting birds singing out their hearts and the laughter of children,
Spring smells like my mum’s baked fresh chocolate cake and the pollen in the flowers,
Spring tastes like fresh fruit and lovely nice cookies,

Spring feels like fluffy soft new born baby kittens and puppies

Uzair's Kennings Poem
Noise - maker
Cat -hater
Worm -lover
Tree - liver
Twig - stealer
Bread - eater
Tree - hogger

What am I?

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Water filters... Wonderful Water topic

As part of our Wonderful Water topic, children in Room 1 spent an afternoon working out how to filter dirty water using commonly found materials. We had a lot of fun and put our scientific knowledge to the test!

Wonderful Maori koru art...