DMIC Maths and our new furniture!

This term we have had new furniture arrive... Room 1 now works at very colourful tables rather than desks. As you can see - the children are working harder than ever and are making great choices about where they produce quality work. Here are some photos of Room 1 snapped during a DMIC Maths lesson last week. Doesn't our classroom look amazing??!

Easter Mufti Day - belated post!

On the last day of Term 1, Netherby School held an Easter Mufti/Pyjama Day. We all enjoyed meeting in the hall to see what outfits the other children in the school were wearing! We also couldn't wait for the Easter egg hunt...

Room 6 surprise visit!

Last Friday Room 6 made a surprise visit to our classroom to share their fabulous writing based on Mrs Oakley's book, 'Moo Cow, Kung Fu Cow'! Never ones to miss an opportunity, Room 1 children then dug our their writing books to share some work with the Room 6 children. It was a fabulous chance for the children to have a look at each other's work and enjoy some milk...

Introducing the Digital Curriculum!

Last week the Senior Syndicate had 3 sets of lessons focused on different aspects of the new digital curriculum. Room 1 were learning about 3D modelling software and how to create useful things that could be printed out on a 3D printer. We watched a movie clip of an inventor in the UK who had invented a cheap mechanical arm for children that could be printed out on a 3D printer  and then we had fun experimenting with the 3D software app on the iPads.

Community Invitation afternoon... ICT and Devices

Last Wednesday the school invited parents and members of the community in to classes to see what the Juniors Discovery programme involved and to see the Seniors in action with Seesaw, Google, EPIC and Studyladder.

It was fabulous seeing so many of the Room 1 whanau pop in for a visit. The kids were proud to demonstrate their learning.