Saturday, 4 June 2016

What was in Mrs Oakley's lunchbox today? Descriptive Writing.

Mrs Oakley’s lunchbox

By Jaykob and Maddison

Today in Mrs Oakley’s lunchbox there is something that looks like a brown and crumbly rectangle.

It’s as flaky as a Cadbury’s flake blowing in the wind.

It feels as crunchy as a sweaty sock that’s been left to dry in the sun.

Just like a dry old sock it feels harder than Mrs Oakley’s cast.

It smells like a field of wheat and dry like a desert.

I hope you  have a better dinner tonight, Mrs Oakley!

What am I? Riddles to make you think. By Room 1.

What  am I? - By Maddison and Mia

I am brown and a bit leathery.

I have a big flappy mouth.

Inside me are treasures and brightly-coloured rewards, awards and stickers.

I have things to do your hair…

Can you guess what I am?

What am I? - By Jaykob and Siaosi

I have two eyes and a mouth.

I am made out of metal.

I am electrical.

I have tiny holes.

I have a flat top...

Can you guess what I am?

What am I? - By Kingsley and Jaedyn

I’m covered in stars.

I’m by other colourful stuff.

I’m up high.

I’m at the back of the class.

I’m green and white with a purple STAR.

Can you guess what I am?

Rights and Responsibilities - Kim and Piper

Rights and Responsibilities Topic - Term 1

By Kim and Piper

Liyana, Tahya and Suliasi's Kite Explanation

How does a kite fly?

What is a kite?
A kite is a heavier than air object that can fly in the sky that is also lifted by the wind.And has three or four parts the control line,the bridle,the skeleton and the sail.It has a person under the kite flying it.It can be all shapes and sizes.

The best materials to fly a kite
If you want to fly a kite successfully you will need a lightweight and strong materials.Some of the best materiels for your sail are plastic,paper or nylon.The best materials for the skeleton are cardboard or tight flexible wood,bamboo or lightweight metal or wood rods for the skeleton.

Perfect kite flying conditions
To fly a kite successfully you need the perfect weather. NOT RAINING OR SNOWING. So probably wind is the essential ingredient.You need wind to provide lift for your kite but not too much otherwise it will fly away from its control line. The wind should be blowing between 10-25 kmph.

To make a kite fly successfully you need to be in a wide open space with no obstacles, trees or power lines. You hold the control line and have the kite on the ground. Run so fast your hair flies (also kite).

Kites fly by using the wind. The best kites are made from light, strong and flexible materials.

Written by: LIYANA & TAHYA :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Creative time

Can you create the setting for your reading book using rods?

Library time - March 2016

We love the new furniture in our library!

Class of 2016

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